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I am Elisa DeJong, born and raised in B.C. and have lived the last 20 years in Whistler B.C.  

I have always been inspired by the raw, pure elements of this place I call home. My design education has trained my contemporary, minimalistic sense of style. My passion for creating has made these principals come together.

I have spent most of my life designing and learning various art mediums. My education is extensive. Fine Art and Graphic Design were my foundations. I have since studied interior design, mixed media, metal etching. In the last 5 years I have become obsessed with the amazing possabilities of Printmaking.




My Baby... a vintage Praga etching press. This is how Rembrandt would have created his etching masterpieces 400 years ago. No technology no computers, just time and patients, and a lot of pressure. How are prints created?... A matrix (plate) is etched into or building up on the surface. Ink is rolled on and manipulated into the marks. Cotton rag paper is moistened then laid  over the plate. It is then put through the rollers of the press. At Ridge Studio we only use organic soy inks and cotton rag paper. Prints last forever as the ink is saturated into the paper. No two prints are alike. Each print is signed and numbered for authenticity.

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